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NEWS  2019 !

  Danish Security & Safety - Denmark becomes GSM SECURITY we continue to be local in the middle of Solrød Strand and our cars are still on the streets just in new clothes and with even greater focus on our customers New name new cars and new even sharper prices for new installations!

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GSM SECURITY  er et godkendt & certificeret selskab indenfor teknisk sikring og udføre professionelle løsninger indenfor AIA - TVO - ADK - ABA  og Mek som nøglerør og bokse.

News 2018:: You now receive a tax deduction of up to DKK 4,800 when you purchase an alarm through GSM Alarm & Safety.

Call us today or check in at skat.dk. GSM is an alarm & security installer and you can therefore use the craftsman's deduction as a customer with us.

For example, on our new line of innovative alarm systems in beautiful design and with all the latest technologies available, App for both android and ios devices and with the opportunity to choose control of light devices and much more, order a basic system today and join at the forefront of a series of discerning customers where only the best is good enough! !

we have a lot of satisfied customers today and further down the page we list a few of their opinions, we collect satisfied customers and always go the extra service mile the others do not

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A guard & security company with many years of experience gathered under one roof..

Danish Security & Security-Denmark is now part of GSM SECURITY / Global Service Management

We are specialists in security and we are deeply passionate about technological development. We have both vague authorization and an authorized electrical / technical department that handles technical installations throughout the country for large groups, small companies and in private homes.

Our customer references

"The people at GSM have been providing the security of the Drone bar with both regular guards and video surveillance since 2011 until we sold the bar in 2017. It's been a close professional collaboration from the start, and we will always use and recommend GSM for every need,"

Drone ApS


Nørrebrogade 184, KBH N

"I changed our alarm from another large alarm company and we contacted Danish Security & Security when they were conducting alarm installations for the local security company in sun red and it was also nice that dss are alarm installers and not just a security company. I felt they were super competent and competitive and we've been happy ever since 2015. Our house burned to the ground and we were actually saved by the fire alarm from DSS when their control center woke us up in the middle of the night and told us that there were extreme heat fluctuations and we had to get out of the house, their guard patrol We arrived before the fire department and police and helped us out. We say thank you very much to the guard and the fact that the day after we were called by their director who wanted to hear if we were OK and if they could help us with anything in the difficult time , it's just a special class commitment! Satisfaction can't describe how happy we are for you. "

Jette Wallin

Privat alarmkunde siden 2015

Hasselvænget Solrød Strand

"" Since 2017, GSM has provided security at Lanes & Lounges, everything was delivered according to the agreement and at the agreed time.

Lanes & Lounges

Bar & Event i København

"GSM SECURITY has made sure that our security is always top-notch. They make sure all the security in the building works and I trust them 100%."

Area Manager 

Gecko Design A/S


"We stood and had a special need and a very high level of security on the business side - it managed GSM Alarm without any problems. The electricians have installed all the parts done a nice job and started right away when we placed the order you stood for all contact with the police with security issues. They have provided a sublime security system and kept us informed until the day of delivery, when we received review and support to perfection "

 Martin karlsen, kam 

Dansk Regnskab Greve

"We were looking for a better solution than the ones we had. We were recommended GSM SECURITY in the middle of the holiday and they came immediately after and executed. It was very impressive customer service and they have provided super service right from the start can only highly recommend GSM SECURITY. "

Mia Forsberg, Direktør

Solkystens Rengøring & Pleje ApS

Solrød center 34, 2680 Solrød

Do like many others and let the best professionals at GSM SECURITY provide your security solution

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