Constructionsite security

Electronic Construction Site Security

Alarm for construction site

With an Alarm for the construction site you are secured all around, our systems are designed for precisely the construction sites, the minimum safe fault alarms, the best protection in the industry and a product installed by professional trained technicians. and it is precisely here that we differ from the ordinary security companies that do not have the training and competence for alarms and surveillance systems, you are therefore in short with GSM the right advice at the right price


Videosurveillance / CCTV

 With our Video systems for construction sites you are ensured that all events are logged in the system we all have common brands and can service on the vast majority of systems in the European market


With access control you are assured in every way, access control can be many different actions and we always advise throughout the construction project as an advisory security partner from start to finish, so that your space is always updated with the latest and best solution in the market.

Site access control

We have over time solved the security of some of the largest end customers in the Danish business community, it is always important for the developer to know what comes in and out of the construction case and if there is a lack of materials could trace them through the guard's help, this helps we participate in and have done so on so many tasks that we dare call ourselves experts in passage control

Construction site Fixed guards & control

Control Count / Audit We count the customer's goods and the number of packages votes with a printed invoice / delivery note

The signal value We provide a preventive effect on the square which ensures that you always send the right signal to the customers

Closure after and before craftsmen We arrange opening & closing so that you always have control over the deadlines for when you must be alerted and worked on the site and we take care of it all during the times you want our guard to meet and go again the guard is always the first man he is there at the same time with the workers and he locks off when the guard is over and always photo documentation for use in subsequent burglaries, in this way you ensure against insurance etc. that you have done your work by doing our


GSM ALARM & SECURITY At  GSM we have a great deal of experience in electronic building site security, we employ only trained personnel and we install according to all the rules of art with great respect for our craft

Dog guards / k9 Unit

Dog guards are a supplement to our electronic security solutions and we can offer a wide range to our customers, it can be in the form of when the DSS alarm sounds in the square, our approved control center sends out a guard patrol and rounds the area where the zone has gone, the guard secures the space is OK and makes a report on any incidents to the construction site management Electronic monitoring

Show your site is secure

show your seat is secure With a sign in the square that works, the place is secured around the clock, you have a guard from GSM at the thieves who see our signs well that there is a four-legged assistant for the guard in the square and they also know that they do not have a chance to meet with our service dogs . our dog department is all named in PH Everyone is tested on an equal basis with the police and we do not compromise on these tests if the dog does not pass the second time the driver has to change working dog or department It's seriousness not seen anywhere else in the industry!