GSM SECURITY  is your specialized security company

Stationary guard

Stationary guard can be a great help in stores and centers, it reduces shrinkage and creates security for the merchants, all of which adds value to your business

Area guard

The guard is typically associated with a fixed area such as residential complexes and landowners' associations, and creates near safety for the residents. 

Dog guards

Our dog guards are the top tuna, have solid dog handler experience and we make demands that are similar to the police GRP 2 service dogs (patrol service dogs) and as a minimum, all dogs undergo the same admission test as the approval for service dogs. This happens when we as a company support our dog handler and they are privately also in the Danish Police Dog Association so they get the right training together with both watchdog, police dog and civilian dog handler - in other words you get dog and first class leader.

Prudence & Rounding

The patrol can, among other things, look after your commercial property outside normal business hours and can be combined with a dog guard in larger areas with great advantage.

Hotel & Reception Guard

The guard is typically trained within the hotel and possesses an authoritative radiance while the service is at the highest level for check in / out customers.

Doormen & Party Guards

We have many door parties and event customers every year. It's everything from big concerts to local grocery markets around the country, whether it's the 18th birthday or the bar and discos in the center we have guards for all this with many years of solid experience.


When the alarm goes off, the alarm patrol moves to the spot and ensures everything is as it should be, the guard acts as you have ordered, cf. relationship order and stays on the scene until chaos is brought to order. For the benefit of both your night's sleep and the operation the following day.

Warehousing & Logistics 

As something unique, we have guards who have worked with logistics and have a truck certificate, which means a lot for large department stores and our customers who receive goods at night.

Bodyguard & Personal Protection

We are one of the few companies that must legally provide bodyguard protection and is approved by the National Police through authorization to look after people's well-being.

We use GuardTool

We use GuardTool for sublime reporting and control to the great pleasure of you as a customer, you always receive reports with status topics in real time and therefore it is a unique opportunity to optimize and save money in the optimization opportunities you get from us every day!

References to Customers & Partners We as a group over the years have solved tasks

The concierge at Stark was covered by our dedicated Guards for a two-year period 

Gatekeepers and rounding by supervision have over time been resolved at many Per Aarsleff locations around Denmark Most recently on project Posten KBH-As a U.E 2017-2019

We look after the place with electronic and physical guard presence when building super hospitals 2019 - 2024

Vi er som en af de få selskaber  Iso 9001.2015 certificeret indenfor alle sikring områder '

og leverer F&P erklæringer indenfor AIA-TVO-VAGTSERVICE - 

Vi har tegnet og følger overenskomsten mellem  DI/VSI & VSL og kræver ligeså at alle vores Underleverandører og Partnere indenfor vagt er overenskomst dækket for at sikrer gode stabile vilkår for alle vores ansatte, samt alle de vi samarbejder med.