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Although the insurance covers the losses due to burglary or fire, many companies find that they lose customers on the floor when these events occur, it is often due to their deadlines that make them unable to wait for the restoration of stock materials, etc. Therefore, for many large industries it is very important to be secured around the clock We supply top professional alarm systems - both to the warehouse and in the office central administration. and of course in the production halls


There are often car parks here of considerable sums, the car industry from time to time experiences the massive downtime a burglary can lead to, we are specialists in the car industry when it comes to security and we have over time honored to service car dealerships in denmark, the alarms can easily be controlled via app and can also be ordered supervisor who controls the space outside of business hours together with a Danish safety & security alarm, the supervisory guard can act as a strong supplement


We supply systems specifically for the retail industry, ensuring you get a professional product from an approved specialist trained supplier

Panic Assault botton

We provide assault pressure to both municipalities and public and private institutions that have a need with just assault or just insecurity during periods, we are among the market leaders and have some very special conditions as the only ones in the market that can send more than just the guard alone .

Security Patrol

We have the country's fastest alarm patrols and that is a very special reason why we use the local security companies for your GSM alarm, it always ensures you the fastest time on the market,

Approved & ISO Certified Installer

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