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Denmark's new secure Alarm system

Our stylish alarm system helps secure your home while looking good, and with our APP for smartphone you can easily operate systems and always get home safely.

Get a serious expression and a sign on the door thieves know and respect. We have short response times and cover the whole of Denmark - and with our nationwide local watch system you get the fastest call time as well as a local guard

                All products are now available in black, the system can be exactly the same as our white

Blackline Alarmsystem

Then it finally came, our black alarm which with its breaking black is anything but discreet, the alarm has a very nice finish in the gloss black and expresses itself clearly

Extend your system as needed

IR detector

Our detector detects movement in the room and activates alarms by unauthorized detection when the alarm is switched on

Magnetic detector

The magnetic detector is activated if they are broken during connection, which means if the window is opened or the door is locked, immediately activate the magnets that send the message to our approved control center

Smoke & Firealarm

Smoke & Fire Alarm, detect Smoke & Heat and send message to the control center 

that initiates the relationship order and sends the fire service so you can spend time getting out of the house safely

Control your power products

Control light iphone charger or cottage pump, yes the possibilities are endless and it all goes through our delicious app solution

 Vibration detector

Vibration detector detects shaking in the window sill, for example, this reduces the vague response time as the alarm is activated faster and already sends to our control center at the start of the burglary.

Water damage

A water damage detector is a must have for holiday home owners, get clear message if a water pipe is leaking or there has been some other kind of flood, stop thinking we forgot to close the water, check it all out on your GSM App